I’m Ben, 28, alcoholic.


I’ll be honest, I’m not great at writing about myself so I’ll keep this brief. 


I am the author of Beyond the Bottle. What started as scribbling notes down to discuss with my therapist, has now turned into this blog where I hope to reach, educate, enlighten and perhaps help as many people as I can. 


I was born in Hull, and in my relatively short life have moved a fair number of places including; Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cambridge, New Jersey, Nottingham and London. 


I live with my partner Emma in South London, as well as a bunch of houseplants. 


I currently work in Paddington for a startup PR & Comms agency, but in the past I have worked as General Manager of a pub in Cambridge, a couple of other PR agencies and a marketing agency. 


To be honest, I’m a pretty normal 28 year old guy, who likes pizza, guitars, snow, hot sauce, music, traveling and many other middle-of-the-road things. 


It’s what is under the hood and the things got me to where I am now that’s interesting. 


Most of my story, along with life events will come out in the posts, so keep coming back and discovering week by week.

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